San Ramon Costa Rica Real Estate

House For Sale Near San Ramon Costa Rica

Have you always wanted to retire in Costa Rica but just can't afford these ridiculous $250,000 + houses?

You want to live in a nice area full of nature and tranquility without a lot of neighbors or traffic noise?
You want to retire on social security?

What you need is a small house for just you and your wife, where you can enjoy the quiet, the tranquility.

AND FOR ONLY $129,000?

Do you want to escape the city and be surrounded by trees and nature where you can see toucans and hummingbirds, where you can watch monkeys play in nearby trees, and enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning or a glass of wine in the evening while you look out at THIS VIEW?

Sunset near San Ramon Costa Rica property on Magallanes Road

Gulf of Nicoya View

This house is just 2 years old and so you can be sure everything is as it should be, and all you have to do is move your stuff in!

The kitchen has a nice Haceb gas range built into the porcelana counter, a Tekka stainless steel sink with a modern faucet/sprayer, and a breakfast bar and stools for eating while looking out the screen door or kitchen window at the birds flying by.

costa rica house for sale living room view from house for sale San Razmon costa rica

The living room has a huge picture window to see the ocean and mountains in the distance, and built in rings in the ceiling to hang hammock chairs if you so choose.

house for sale in San Ramon Costa Rica

The ceiling in the kitchen/living room is high with small windows at the top for ventilation.

Rancho Silencio bedroom in house for sale

The porch also has rings for a hammock and 2 hammock chairs. 

The carport has room for your 4x4 and a small sink for washing up after working in the yard plus 2 faucets outside for a sprinkler or manual hose.

Rancho Silencio bedroom in house for sale

The bathroom has a nice big counter with shelves and an area underneath to store things, a nice hot water shower, plenty of ventilation.

bathroom of house for sale in Costa Rica

We are  in the process of updating many of these photos because the yard outside has complete beautiful green ground cover all over, now, flowers in the front yard, many more bushes and trees around the entire property and many beautifying improvements that you do not see in most of these photos.

Also please note that we have done many things in the building of this home that are specifically designed to minimize problems with mold and mildew which are a problem in most areas of Costa Rica.

We have used very little wood inside and out, used metal for the cabinet and closet structures, and used high quality anti-mold paint inside and out.
Wood tends to mold and get eaten by termites. Therefore no wood was used in this house other than for door frames and some shelves, but none in the basic structure.

We put in steel posts throughout the house structure for strength and permanency and even here in Costa Rica there are no bugs that eat through steel! ;-D

We did not use cabinet doors in the kitchen, bathroom nor bedroom because without constant air circulation you will be constantly fighting mold. To minimize that we have used an open design but added curtains instead of doors, that you can close when you choose to.

We have good circulation throughout the house and we put good insulation under the roof, and the walls are naturally insulated with SIP Panels so the house stays cool even on the hottest days. A fan in the bedroom and one in the living room/kitchen will keep you cool without air conditioning. All of this was done by design after much research and talking to other home owners here, so as to avoid the problems that plague many homes in Costa Rica.

As you look around at houses be sure to look for signs of mold inside cabinets and closets. You will not find those in our house.

And since electricity is costly in Costa Rica you will be glad you don't need an air conditioner here because of our good insulation and altitude of 2850 feet.

We also installed all LED lighting and our electricity - even with electric hot water - runs only between $12-25 a month. And after 2 years we have not had to replace even one bulb yet!

So you see that there are things you will not see in these photos that demonstrate the care and thinking that went into the building of this house!


big blue costa rica butterfly
Toucan or tucan in Costa Rica near San Ramon
monkey in tree in Costa Rica

So if you are looking for a new American built house for sale near San Ramon Costa Rica at a low price, you MUST see this one!

  • Nearly 2 acres of land
  • Ocean view
  • Fully titled
  • Quiet road
  • Quiet area
  • Only 6 miles to San Ramon
  • A Nature Lover's Dream!
  • Priced to sell quick!

RIGHT NOW ONLY $129,000. U.S.!
Sorry we cannot offer terms on the house but if you want to buy another lot here at Rancho Silencio and build your own (we'll help you!) we can offer terms if you have AAA credit!

There will never be a better time to retire in Costa Rica so buy your house for sale in Costa Rica now while the price is still low!



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