San Ramon Costa Rica Properties For Sale

San Ramon Costa Rica Properties

All these properties are near San Ramon, in the Western Central Valley of Costa Rica, and all have views of the Gulf of Nicoya as well as mountain views. All are surrounded by beautiful trees, bushes and flowers, birds and butterflies, and offer you a life of peace and tranquility in a park-like atmosphere where you can enjoy your retirement, or your vacation.

Located just a few miles outside of San Ramon on the popular Magallanes Road in one of the coffee growing regions of Costa Rica, you will have the peace and quiet of living "out in the country" while being 15-20 minutes away from all the modern conveniences of San Ramon - hospital, doctors, banks, movies, restaurants, hardware, electronics and virtually anything you want or need!

All lots are fully and legally titled and have electricity and water available along with the great views!

Each property is at least 1 ½ acres to 2 acres large and has several choices of places to build.

Sitting at 2850 feet altitude, these properties have ideal weather, not sweltering hot like the beach and inland sea level properties, and not as cold as it can get at 3500-4000 feet (yes, even in tropical Costa Rica it can get cold at night)!

In fact I personally and carefully chose these properties for their milder climate and quiet, natural environment!



Though I have many pictures for you to look at (see our Gallery page), none of the photos do justice to the beauty you will see with your own eyes when you come to look for yourself. Unfortunately cameras just don't express the beauty you experience when you are actually there.

There are 3 upper lots (one with an easily expandable 1br house) and 2 lower lots available. The upper and lower lots all have ocean views! The lower lots have a bit more privacy being that they are further away from the main road. But all the lots are very private and quiet.

San Ramon - and especially Magallanes Road - is quickly becoming more and more desired by retirees from the USA, Canada and so on, but at this time,  prices are still affordable unlike some of the more well known areas of Costa Rica's Central Valley. Also San Ramon still has a "traditional" feel, not the totally Americanized or Gringo-ized feel of some of the more easterly towns of the Central Valley. This area is a great investment because it is still "up and coming", not saturated with Americans and Canadians like Grecia or Atenas and some of the other areas that are now so crowded I wouldn't live there if you paid me!

The bottom line:
If you are looking for a peaceful and quiet place to have your coffee in the morning and a glass of wine or beer in the evening while watching beautiful sunsets, you need look no further than these beautiful lots for sale in San Ramon!

Below is a map of the size and shape of each lot and prices and descriptions of each of the lots as well:

Lot map of San Ramon Costa RIca properties
Lot map of San Ramon Costa RIca properties

Property #1

Property 1 near San Ramon with fruit trees
Lot 1 with fruit trees

NOW ONLY $55,000

Lot 1 has fruit trees, several locations to build your home, and easy access from the main driveway.

Views of the Gulf on this lot are okay from the ground floor but a better view would be from a 2nd floor. A 2-story home with a large balcony and/or picture windows on the 2nd floor would be ideal.  One could put the bedrooms and kitchen downstairs and the living room and a 2nd bedroom upstairs. Or build a one floor home that is elevated.

Either way you have a beautiful lot with easy access to the driveway and main road, fruit trees and beauty all around you!

Property #3

house for sale san ramon Costa Rica
costa rica house for sale living room

$129,000. WITH HOUSE!

The house is made from SIP PANELS - almost no wood at all in the house so no worries about termites (something you need to be concerned about in Costa Rica)!

Wake up to a 360 degree view of Costa Rica in all her glory, in a peaceful relaxing environment.

You are a short distance from the main driveway and yet have privacy and quiet and plenty of space for a pool, jacuzzi, garden and whatever your heart desires.



Property #2

Lot 2 ready to build!

NOW $70,000

Property #2 has a beautiful wide view of the mountains and the Gulf of Nicoya! On a clear day we call it the "HD VIEW" - it looks like you can walk to the ocean!

With plenty of space for a Japanese garden, a pool, a vegetable garden, or what have you, this is a great location for quiet, beauty and relaxation! This lot includes a fruit orchard with many trees almost ready to bear fruit!

You've got to see the view to appreciate it! The photos don't do it justice!

Write us to make an appointment to see any or all of these lots!


Property #4

Property 4 has the closest views of the Golfo Nicoya plus many trees and a creek at the bottom

Only $75,000. for this lot!
1.6 acres!

Lot 4 is for the person who wants the ultimate in privacy and quiet, gently surrounded by trees like living in a park!

Property #4 is a beautiful property with gorgeous views of the Gulf of Nicoya - the closest views of all the lots.

It has a creek at its left side border, and many trees - this is a bird lover's paradise,  great for anyone who loves nature, trees and the sound of a bubbling brook in the rainy season.

You'll look forward to watching the sunset every evening and waking up at sunrise every morning when you live here!

A beautiful piece of property that will never be developed, your own little piece of paradise!


View of Golfo Nicoya

Want to see more?

See our Photo Gallery for more photos of these beautiful Costa Rica properties near San Ramon in the Central Valley!


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